Cellular Release Therapy®

Speaking with the subconscious to heal body and soul.

What is Cellular Release Therapy?

Forst light Cellular Release Therapy (CRT) is a method to clear trauma and other unresolved psychological issues. It was developed by the American Anne DeChenne Drucker.

The communication with the subconscious occurs using certain finger signals. Through these signals the subconscious can indicate whether there is a certain problem and if the problem is ready to be released and cleared. If the problem can be released and cleared the clearance is achieved by a command to the subconscious.

In this process it is possible to work on themes that have been forgotten by the conscious mind but nevertheless still affect the body and the soul.

During this work resistance is repected. An issue is only attempted to be cleared if the subconscious agrees to the clearing.

About me

After studying mathematics in Dresden I obtained a PhD in the US and worked scientifically at different universities.

Back in Germany I started to become interested in alternative medicine. At first my focus was on body-oriented methods such as Rolfing. About these methods I have written in detail on my webpage.

Portrait After some time I realized that many problems of the body can be much more efficiently treated if emotional problems are also addressed.

With Cellular Release Therapy I have found a tool that can work with these emotional and psychological themes in an elegant and efficient way. In my work I often connect CRT with body-centered methods like Rolfing and P-DTR.

What is CRT for?

Clearing of Trauma

Trauma originates from situations in which our coping resources are exhausted. These can be accidents, operations, the loss of a loved one, bodily and mental abuse, diseases and many more. Trauma can fundamentally change the way our brain works and cause many long-term problems of the body and the psyche. Even trauma that has occurred a long time ago can still cause problems in the present, until it is finally cleared.

CRT does not attempt to delete the trauma as if it never happened - this is not possible. The goal is rather to undo the changes in the nervous system by the trauma and release the emotional charge of the trauma.

Treatment of fears and phobias

Fears are often the result of trauma. Even if the original trauma has long been forgotten it can still be active in the subconscious and trigger fears. Sometimes these fears appear completely irrational but they do make sense in light of the connected trauma.

Using CRT I can work with the trauma that caused the fears even if it was forgotten by the conscious mind. This means I can address the problem at its actual origin.

Clearing of dysfunctional behavior patterns

Many of us show behavior patterns that are not good for us. Sometimes we are aware of this ourselves - sometimes not. It can manifest itself in attracting bad friends or the wrong partner. It can be a preference for unhealthy food or drugs. It can be perfectionism and workaholism or vice versa apathy and lack of motivation.

Even though we often already know that these behaviors are not good enough it is very hard to change them permanently. This is because their causes are buried in the subconscious and have to be addressed there. Once the subconscious themes are cleared the reasons for these problems are gone and a permanent change is possible.

Supporting the healing of bodily diseases and symptoms

Many diseases and symptoms of the physical body are more or less influenced by psychological themes. They weaken the self-healing capabilities of the body and disorganize the functional patterns in the body. This ca lead to a certain disease or a certain symptom.

A psychological influence is very likely if a doctor cannot find an obvious reason for a medical problem. But even with an established diagnosis the psyche can be part of the problem.

This does not mean that CRT replaces treatment by a doctor. But the clearing of trauma and inner themes means that the body is in a better position to heal a disease or overcome a symptom.

Supporting weight normalization

Overweight or underweight can be connected to psychological issues in various ways. Problems with weight are frequently associated with inner or outer stress and represent a reaction of the body to this stress.

By clearing inner themes the inner stress can decrease in a way that the body does not need the excess or insufficient weight. Then changes in diet and lifestyle can actually work and the weight can normalize.

Quitting smoking

Smoking is a good example of a behavior that is known to be harmful but that is still hard to change. Also for this behavior there are often underlying subconscious reasons that make it hard to quit the habit.

By clearing trauma and other inner themes with CRT the body does not need smoking anymore. Then quitting will be much easier.

Frequently asked questions

How does a CRT session look like?

During a CRT session you will be lying down in a relaxed way. The session starts with a relaxation phase during which you will further relax the muscles and the mind. During this phase the subconscious becomes more dominant.

Then the therapists asks questions to the subconscious that can be answered by yes or no. The subconscious then answers these questions by certain body signals.

For traumatic events and other psychological themes the therapist asks the question to the subconscious whether the subconscious can clear this theme. If the answer is yes a command to the subconscious is given to actually clear this theme. The subconscious is given as much time as it takes to do this clearing. If a theme cannot be cleared this is accepted for the moment.

Typically it is not possible to clear psychological themes completely in one session. It usually takes a process that can be shorter or longer. Many of these psychological themes are very deep and other things have to be cleared first.

In the beginning of this process the focus is on all known traumatic events (including accidents, injuries, dieseases). Afterwards fears, beliefs, limiting behaviors and all emotions and insights that resurfaced during this process will be cleared.

What is special about CRT?

In contrast to other psychotherapeutical methods such as for example talk oriented therapy CRT is directed to the subconscious. Many of our psychological problems are based in the subconscious. Therefore CRT is focused on the right place to clear these problems.

During the CRT process it is possible to work with trauma that is the origin of a certain problem even if this trauma has been forgotten and is not accessible to the conscious mind anymore. The forgotten trauma that is often very painful does not have to be reexperienced to clear it.

CRT does respect resistance of the client when a certain theme cannot be cleared. If this happens it is accepted for the moment and no pressure is put on the client. Resistance does not mean that a theme can never be cleared. Very often it can be cleared in a later session.

When should CRT not be used?

CRT should not be used for acute severe illnesses like psychosis, schizophrenia, severe depression or suicidal tendencies. Also it is not suitable if there is severe addiction to alcohol or other drugs. It also should not be used if there is a tendency to epileptical seizures.

How much does it cost?

CRT starts with an in-depth 90 minutes conversation in which goals and themes for the coming sessions are defined. This costs 60 Euro. The subsequent sessions cost 80 Euro for 90 minute sessions and 105 Euro for 120 minute sessions.


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